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dc.contributor.authorKLEIN, Evandro L.
dc.contributor.authorMOURA, Candido A. V.
dc.contributor.authorPINHEIRO, Bruno L. S.
dc.identifier.citationKLEIN, Evandro L; MOURA, Candido A.V; PINHEIRO, Bruno L.S. Paleoproterozoic Crustal Evolution of the São Luís Craton, Brazil: evidence from zircon geochronology and Sm-Nd isotopes. Gondwana Research, Kochi, v.8, n.2, p.177-186, Kochi.
dc.description.abstractThe São Luís Craton, northern Brazil, is composed of a few granitoid suites and a metavolcano-sedimentary succession. New single zircon Pb evaporation ages and Nd isotope data, combined with other available information, show that the metavolcano-sedimentary succession developed from 2240 Ma to approximately 2200–2180 Ma from juvenile protoliths. The subduction-related calc-alkaline suites of granitoids, spatially associated with the metavolcano-sedimentary sequence, formed in an oceanic island arc setting between 2168–2147 Ma. Most of these granitoids are tonalitic and formed from juvenile, mantle- or oceanic plate-derived protoliths, whereas minor true granites are the product of the reworking of the juvenile island arc material. These arc-related successions represent an accretionary event around 2.20±0.05 Ga, which is coincident with one of the main periods of crustal growth in the South American Platform. This accretionary orogen has subsequently been involved in a collision episode, at ca. 2100–2080 Ma, which is mainly recorded in the nearby Gurupi Belt. The rock associations, inferred geological settings, and the crustal evolution detected in the São Luís Craton are similar to what is described in Paleoproterozoic domains of major geotectonic units of the South American Platform, such as part of the São Francisco Craton, southeastern Guyana Shield, and of the West African Craton
dc.titlePaleoproterozoic Crustal Evolution of the São Luís Craton, Brazil: evidence from zircon geochronology and Sm-Nd isotopes
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